television campaigns for tmg artists offered through dish network

TMG is excited to announce an exclusive new partnership for TV advertising with Dish Network. With over 14 million subscribers, Dish Network is the nation's premier satellite television provider, and we are extremely happy to be partnering with them to provide high quality, far reaching, national advertising campaigns for our artists. By advertising exclusively with Dish Network, TMG is able to access target audiences for the artists we work with - from MTV to BET and ABC Family to OWN. Our advertising campaigns help brand our artists as the professional singers and musicians they are, leading to increases in both listening audiences and album sales and providing unparalleled national exposure for TMG artists.

And just like with the creation of their music, TMG artists will have a hand in the creation of their own :15 second commercials, and specific channels and programs will be targeted so that the right audience is able to view the commercials.

Check out the spots below to see examples of TMG produced commercials:

Check out the spots below to see examples of Tate produced commercials:

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