about tate music group


Tate Music Group's music production facility is the cornerstone of our operations, designed with the most flexibility in mind for any recording situation.

Our full-time staff of skilled producers and musicians guide our artists through every step, from the initial stages of pre-production to the final mix and master.

Located just outside of Oklahoma City, Studio A consists of a large drum/live group tracking room, an isolation booth for vocals/acoustic guitar, and a control room. Located next door are the production rooms, where the bulk of tracking occurs. The TMG studios have state-of-the-art WhisperRoom sound isolation enclosures for vocal tracking and overdubbing. There are also four other production rooms, ensuring privacy and a creative environment when tracking music. All production rooms are interconnected for flexibility when recording.

The recording medium of choice for TMG studios is Apple Logic. This ensures the highest quality audio, while still providing efficiency and editing ability. Additional software is available to our producers, including Propellerheads Reason, Fxpansion BFD 2 and other plugins. TMG has a wide selection of recording gear from the top recording equipment manufacturers such as Neumann, Universal Audio, AKG, Shure, AT, Audix, Allen & Heath, Line 6, Yamaha and more.

TMG's executive producer is Don Johnson. For 25 years, Don Johnson has been part of the music recording scene in Nashville, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Tampa, Austin and everywhere in between. He has produced thousands of albums for artists, both professionals and up-and-comers. He has garnered much respect for years of session producing and has the gold records hanging on his wall to back that up. He has toured all over the world as Music Director for Emmylou Harris and has also served as Music Director for Ricky Skaggs. He has also conducted his arrangements with symphony orchestras all over North America. He is a well-rounded musician who played in jazz trios, rock bands, horn bands, symphonies, gospel choirs; you name it, and he's done it. He has also been on the music faculty at Oklahoma City University, one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. He has the utmost integrity and you can trust him with your music.