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It might seem improbable that a young singer/songwriter and high school student would be able to stay grounded and humble amidst the rigors of finishing high school and promoting a newly released record, but that's exactly what TMG artist Michelle Buzz does. While some young artists struggle with all of the responsibility, Michelle seems to thrive on it by staying focused and purpose-driven day by day.

"My goal is to discover each day my purpose, who I am in God, and where I am meant to be."

While it sometimes seems that a lot of people Michelle's age are wrapped up in their own lives and unaware of the world around them, Michelle keeps a close eye on the world around her in order to find inspiration and make music that she feels the world needs to hear. It's this awareness that is helping her succeed as a young artist. With all of her responsibilities, including involvement in choirs and church activities, Michelle is learning some valuable lessons that are vital to her personal and professional paths.

"I am definitely trying to learn a more intense practice of time management; the importance of planning ahead and always being prepared the best I can."

With a new album to promote, Michelle has been playing more gigs, both large and small, and trying to get as much exposure as possible. In most ways, she's not what one typically stereotypes teenage girls to be, but her savvy use of technology is impressive. Michelle uses the Internet and social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to form new relationships with venues in several states and keep her fans satisfied with fresh information.

"An artist just has to constantly stay on top of keeping listeners informed and up to date. Exposure is so important. Right now, the best thing I can do for myself is play as many venues as I possibly can."

Listening to a recording and hearing live music at a show is a very different experience. It is often said that live shows make or break an artist. While playing various gigs in churches and at school assemblies, Michelle has learned that a relationship with the audience is one of the most important things to focus your attention on.

"Learning how to interact with the audience and adapting to the personality of different venues in a captivating yet casual manner is also very important to me."

It is important to Michelle that her audience feels comfortable and has a great time at her shows. With a stage presence that easily rivals artists in the major concert circuits, it's no wonder she's doing well. Her shows are both personal and professional. "However, Michelle's ultimate goal is not just to connect, but to inspire."

"My prayer is to accomplish a great outreach and create a sustainable reputation as a gifted and experienced singer/songwriter. Most importantly, my hope is to see lives changed and inspire others as well."

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