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At Tate Music Group, we understand the importance of radio exposure and the power of having your music heard on the air. TMG Radio is committed to gaining and growing radio exposure for all of our artists. From internet radio to terrestrial stations and from airplay to advertising TMG Radio continues to build partnerships and opportunities for our artists to be heard nationwide.

TMG Radio connects our artists to over 40,000 radio industry professionals worldwide including promotional partnerships with PlayMPE and their partners. Along with the VIP partnerships we have created, TMG Radio runs national advertising campaigns for our artists to gain even more exposure and reach new markets for the music.

TMG Radio also produces weekly radio broadcasts for stations all across the country. The station list, as well as the shows, continues to grow and expand into new markets and genres.


X-Tracks is a show for the Christian music format, focusing on regional artists. X-Tracks is heard on The Refuge radio network, the WCTL radio network, 88.7 FM The Cross, 99.3 FM The Rock and

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Breakthrough is a cutting-edge, modern praise and worship show. Breakthrough is heard on Christian Satellite Network. Check out to find a station near you or listen online! (Click here to go directly to station list.) Breakthrough can also be heard on WCTL.

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TMG Radio News

Congratulations to platinum songwriter Jeff Chandler for his song "I Know You're There" breaking the Top 10 on the Christian Radio Weekly Inspirational format chart.

Jeff also kicked off his radio tour at Tulsa's KXOJ. Listen to the audio and learn more about Jeff Chandler and hear a live performance of one of his songs.

Many thanks to great stations like American Family Radio, KDKR Dallas/Ft. Worth, KAXF Houston WVFJ-FM Atlanta, WGTS-FM Detroit, WUFL-AM Detroit, KFLR-FM Phoenix, KYCC-FM Sacramento, KRGN-FM Oklahoma City, KXOJ-FM Tulsa, WDJC-FM Birmingham, KFLT-AM Tucson, WCTL Erie, and many others for supporting and playing the song.

TMG Radio launches national radio advertising campaigns for our artists.
Check out some of our artists' singles: Chuck Tocco, Kaden, Vanessa Vasquez, Michelle Buzz, Tune In Tomorrow, and FEDUP.

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