tate music group iphone apps
Creating yet one more reason why our artists stand out among the crowd, Tate Music Group is now creating iPhone apps for our artists. Since the initial introduction of this revolutionary device, more and more people are discovering that the iPhone is more than just a phone. The App Store provides downloadable applications that do everything from managing your son's tee-ball scores to telling you what song is playing at the restuarant you're eating at.

So why not create an app that allows fans to connect with their favorite artist? Tate Music Group now provides our artists with an iPhone app that their fans can download to get the lastest news, events, photos and more about them. Fans can even listen to songs exclusive to the app and read stories about the songs themselves from their latest release.

These apps are branded under the name "GottaKnow," as in "GottaKnow Jeff Chandler" and "GottaKnow The Cliftones." The artists that are seeing the most success today understand the importance of connecting with their fans. Marketing tools like websites, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter allow artists to constantly be in their fans' lives, and the "GottaKnow" apps will only enhance the power a Tate Music Group artist has to succeed in an sink-or-swim industry.

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