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Rhea Esler, Marketing Rep
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Tate Music Group
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The Shades of Harmony Gospel Group was formed by my brother Tim Powell and myself Len Powell on July 15, 1992 in the town that we grew up in called Bethel, North Carolina. All of our life we have known the Lord, but our first original group which consisted of five members , started out singing a mixture of Gospel and R&B music for church's, wedding's and school events that we were asked to sing for.Our unique harmonizing singing ability whether it was with or without music, always left our listener's wanting to hear more.

In the year of 1994, our Lead Singer Adrian Blow decided to leave the group to pursue a career in the United States Army, even though we would miss him, the remaining group members stayed dedicated to our love for singing, and the remaining four of us kept pressing on. Several months later his brother Joshua decided to leave to pursue a solo career, then my brother Tim, my cousin Clinton and myself Len became a group of three, until 1995 when Marcus Willard joined our group as second tenor. My brother Tim Powell then became our Lead singer, and we recorded our first single"Our Father's Prayer in that same year, which was a single requested by many of our audience's at our events. In 1996 for personal reason, Willard left the group, and for the next 6 years we continued to perform as a group of three, and along that journey we had the privilege to perform the opening songs for events that included the well known artist, Archie Bell and the Drells, Big Daddy Kane, and many more. In 2002, our (baritone) 3rd member and cousin Clinton Powell decided he wanted to pursue his dream of establishing his own recording studio, which would also enable him to spend more time with his family. So in the year of 2002 my brother and myself decided to put the R&B aside, so that we could give our entire dedication to doing the Lord's work, so we began singing gospel music back at our home church Christian Chapel, just as we had started almost 21 years ago. In 2005 God sent us a new member Gerry Lynch, a young man of God who had been singing with Gospel Quartet Groups for years. Gerry had heard about us and our unique harmony and our love for the lord, and he knew that God had a vision for all of us. In 2006, the Shades of Harmony, now a group of three, began to arrange new music for our first new Gospel Cd/Dvd titled "Free",which debut in 2006. Our group decided to produce other new artist to join us on this Cd/Dvd, and along the way we were blessed with Passion Black and the United Voices of Tarboro,North Carolina and Solo Artist De'von Young of Holly Springs, North Carolina. The Shades of Harmony, were blessed with a gospel family of 8, and we were determined as always to never look back.The Cd/Dvd "Free" sold over 1000 copies throughout Eastern, North Carolina. The songs on the Cd were written by us brother's Len and Tim Powell, and we had the opportunity to be blessed with wonderful band members who helped us make the Cd "Free" as good as it is today. Unfortunately, some of the singers have moved on to pursue other dreams, but we would like to thank them all, but my brother and I would especially like to thank our current band members, Leon, Dennis, James Walston, James Barnes and Donald Tabron, who have stood by us through thick and thin. In 2007, Gerry Lynch decided he wanted to come off the road traveling, and spend more time with his family, and again the Shades of Harmony was left with two brothers who just prayed and knew that God would send us a replacement for our friend and brother in Christ Gerry Lynch. In 2007, God sent us Calvin Hargrove who sings third baritone, James(Pretty Work) Walston (Lead Guitarist) and a year later in 2008, God sent us Lester Wilkerson( second tenor) and Donald Tabron (keyboardist). In 2009 the Shades of Harmony family had three more members to join our group, Kelvin Richardson (second keyboardist),Tony Staton and Jamal Johnson (Equipment Managers). We first would like to give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We would like to give a special thanks to our group members and fans we want you to know that we love you and thank you all for your support. Special thanks to our uncles the Dynamic Powell Brothers who started us on this singing ministry many years ago. Without your guidance and help, which enable us to organized a small boy's group called the Powell Tradition many years ago, we don't know where we would be. Thanks to my parents Leonard and Gaynell Powell for your love and support. To all of the Shade of Harmony's Wives and children, we thank all of you for supporting us. Its now been 28 years, and we look forward to sharing our Gospel ministry with all of our audiences and fans. Please join our fan club! We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!