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Jo Reese, Marketing Rep
Karissa Queniahan, Artist Service Rep
Tate Music Group
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Kenia started performing and singing at the age of four. And since then, she has been pursuing her artistic career in as many ways as she could. At the young age of 12, Kenia recruited two of her friends and started a short-lived girl group called "The Lazers". They perfomed Salt-N-Pepa covers in driveways around her Long Island neighborhood, and even set up chairs in order to encourage an audience to gather.

Two year later, Kenia found herself being a dancer on Club Jam at age 14, which led to becoming a regular dancer and extra on MTV. But never one to settle, Kenia thought it would be a good idea to start modeling to gain exposure, which led to booking modeling gigs. Kenia remembers "I was 14, and I got my first paycheck for $500 bucks for working 2 hours of work. To any 14 year old, that's pretty exciting".

That same year, Kenia started recording her demos, and one year later, at age 15, Kenia started writing he own material. However, she has never recorded those songs.

At age 17, Kenia signed herself up for the "Miss Teen Long Island", pageant, so she would be able to qualify for the New York State Talent Competition and get a chance to sing there. Despite the fact that she had no prior pageant training, Kenia ended up winning both.

Later that year, Kenia performed at the legendary Club New York and was discovered by a Manhattan based production company. Kenia recorded 8 songs with the company. However, the CD did not catch any label's attention and Kenia continued recording demos at her own time and expense.

When Kenia was 18, she saw an audition for the famed Apollo Theater. She auditioned and was selected to sing for their famous amateur night. But prior to performance night, Kenia contracted a severe case of Strep throat. The producers of the show advised her not to perform, since she could barely speak. But not wanting to miss the opportunity, Kenia insisted that she would be fine. When her time came, Kenia performed with a high fever and was booed off the stage. Kenia admits that "It was upsetting, I laughed walking off the stage and then cried backstage. But after a month or so I was proud of myself. I realized how much determination and passion I had for my music. I won that night".

That same year Kenia's family moved to Florida, which ended her modeling career and she began enrolling in college. But still determined, Kenia kept flying out to New York for photography and auditions. Encouraged by an actor friend to audition for the college theater program, Kenia reluctantly went to read for the play "Strangers on a Train". This being Kenia's first acting audition, and having no previous acting experience, she remembers being very apprehensive "I had no idea what I'm doing, I was scared to even pull into the parking lot". That night Kenia auditioned gracefully and 2 days later she found herself cast in the show. Kenia started performing in local musical theater, community festivals and was even hired by a well known family as their go-to live entertainment.

Kenia currently resides in Miami, Florida and travels to Los Angeles, CA as often as her schedule permits.

While living in Miami, Kenia continued her now 12 year old tradition of mailing out demos, which had now evolved from tapes to fully packaged CD's. Kenia's perseverance paid off when, through God's grace, she received a call from Tate Music Group, who were very interested in signing her and release her material. Kenia saw this as an opportunity to be completely involved in every step of the process. She took the role of Executive Producer and oversaw every part of the production, from the studio sessions to the makeup used for the album photography.

When asked why she's so hands on, Kenia simply says that "I had to be. This was my baby, my creation, and my name is on the cover. So whatever was going to be on the inside and outside, I'd have to be proud of".

Now that she finished production on her first record, of what she hopes to be the start of a long and successful music career, Kenia has announced that the album, entitled "Karma", will be released this September.

Kenia will soon go on a nationwide tour, so be sure to look out for Karma... 'Cause Karma's coming your way.