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Rhea Esler, Marketing Rep
Aileen Flores, Artist Service Rep
Tate Music Group
[email protected]
NIGHTBLOOM moves the music through genres of: 
Contemporary Christian-Gospel 
Flamenco-Classical Guitar 
Island Contemporary-Hawaiian. 
As classically trained musicians, not only do they compose and song write, but give guitar lessons on Oahu, and (especially Jasmine) back up other artists in local venues. Nightbloom also has done weddings, churches, University of Hawaii, John Burns School of Medicine, Wet N Wild and other performances. They also produce a lot of their own work, which is partially included in their upcoming first full album: Come Fall in Love on the Tate Music Group label. Listen to them also at their website at http:www.NightbloomMusic.com



Jasmine Skurtu began singing before she could say sentences, and started winning music awards in Middle School. She began studying guitar at Kapiolani Community College, and earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Guitar Performance from University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2008. In the midst of her studies, she went with her mother, Marlene, to spend a summer in Spain to learn Flamenco. She also is an accomplished vocalist, having been a part of the top choirs at UH. She currently performs at various venues in Hawaii alone and with Nightbloom, including being part of the Worship Team at King's Cathedral, Oahu. 

And she has many guitar students!!

Marlene Jones-Skurtu began playing guitar at 12 and writing songs at 13. After spending some years as a missionary and raising four children, she returned to college with her kids to learn more about music. After attending the same colleges as Jasmine, she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from UH in 2007. She also is part of the Worship Team at King's Cathedral, Oahu and performs with Nightbloom, and gives private music lessons. She is working towards doing her own production of their songs, and licensing them for television, radio, and film.

Go to www.NightbloomMusic.com for more info.