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Jo Reese, Marketing Rep
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Tate Music Group
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At the young age of 8 years old, Mac Moad would watch his father play guitar with his band (Gene Granville Band) and wish to be just like him. After having messed around with his father's guitar, his father told him that he would teach him three cords. After that, if he really wanted to be a musician, he would have to learn the rest himself. Those three cords were G, C, and D. Over the next four years, Mac would learn and watch his father's every move. At the age of 12, He played his first professional gig in Guthrie, Oklahoma with Don Long and the Tagalongs. His father was on steel guitar, and Mac was on drums.

Mac played with his father's band, Jack Daniels, Kern River, and Wagon Wheel for about 5 years. He went from drums to bass guitar to acoustic most of the time until he started playing pretty steady at the VFW dance halls. At 17, Moad joined the U.S. Army infantry and shipped off to Germany. While in Germany from 1983 to 1985 on his first tour of duty, Mac played with some bands on the European Circuit and at some rodeo chapters. After leaving Germany, Mac was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, where he played in a few more bands. He further worked Maggie Maes and several other Texas night clubs.

Over the next couple of years, Mac found himself running house bands for Bob White (steal guitar hall of fame player) at Traditional Crossroads Club in Fort Smith, Arkansas as well as the house band Midland Express for Doye Elmore at the Cactus Club.

Shortly after the Doye sold the Cactus Club, Mac moved on to start his own band called Silent Thunder in Oklahoma. They worked with several musicians here and there but never found the right people for the band. It was at the Choctaw Casino in Pocola, Oklahoma where he met Jim Loveless. Jim had asked Mac to sit in with his band, Midwestern Playboys, in Subiaco, Arkansas. From then on, Mac worked Casinos and Clubs throughout Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas.