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Rhea Esler, Marketing Rep
Aileen Flores, Artist Service Rep
Tate Music Group
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Downpor formed in the summer of 2010 in a small town in North Carolina. Each member comes from his own unique background and has his own equally unique testimony. They do, however, have one very important thing in common: They all have made the decision to serve God with the talents they were blessed with.

Stoney provides the drive of the bass guitar along with backing vocals to the group.

Duane brings the melodies to life on the lead guitar and vocals.

Mark provides the beat on the drums and backing vocals.

Darrin is the front man and lead vocalist, delivering songs like no one else.

Downpor's lyrics are based on personal experiences and are sure to touch listeners' hearts. Downpor hopes that this album is a blessing to all who hear it.

Blessings flow freely on the dynamic debut from Downpor, "Ended It All."

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