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Although wrapped in a small package, Cherryl Ann Clark is an example of how great miracles can be. From suffering a stroke that led to a life-threatening car accident in November 1993, and dealing with the after-effects, including traumatic brain injury and paralysis on one side of her body, Cherryl Clark continues to shine through and live healed. All of her life-changing conditions resulted in the formation of her current ministry Healing Waters.

Clark has taken her ministry from hospitals and women�s conferences to senior center in order to spread the love of Jesus Christ. For her, singing is not a choice but something that she does because of her testimony. Her songs like �He Touched Her Back� and I Got Picked� are personal journeys of the traumatic experiences she has overcome.

Growing up, she felt as if she was not able to participate in everyday activities like basketball because of her physical size. Being constantly reminded of it by her peers, she was given nicknames such as �Teeny Tiny,� �Little Bit� and �Shorty.� Little did they know, God had a huge purpose for such a small servant.

While she has penned over 30 songs, she not only labels herself as a singer, but a writer as well. Carrying a notepad and small tape recorder at all times, Clark is ready for whatever God may lay on her heart at any given moment.

A native of Wichita, KS by way of Garden City, KS, Clark grew up the oldest of five children and the only girl. After living in Texas for a short time, she moved back to Wichita to be near her family. She currently resides in Wichita, KS with her husband Tim and their three children.