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"Paradise" is the title of Garry Moore's new Cd album and it is nothing short of it's title... It is a cleaver blend of r&b,pop,jazz,Gospel filled with soul stirring lyrics. There is a message in every song. This is a project that has mass appeal to reach and minister to all age groups. "PARADISE" crosses all color and cultural lines bringing a message of love, salvation, hope, and deliverance which can only be experienced through a relationship with Jesus Christ. This music project has something for everyone. If you are a lover of christian music with an old school sound, "This is it! driving beats, bone shakin bass, soft sweet melodies, classy horns, and a couple of guitar ripping solo's. "PARADISE" is the music cd for you. It will touch and bless the lives of those who are saved or lost. Centered in praised and worship. But it is also a tool of evangelism with songs like, "Preach The Gospel" and the title track "Paradise". This is Garry's 3rd cd album. He has a long musical history. A singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He wrote his first song at age 12, and now has a catalog of over 300 songs. Garry began his musical journey at age 9 when his grandmother formed a gospel quintet of 3 cousins, a friend, and himself. he was the lead voocalist of the young group. being influenced by the "Beatles" he picked up the guitar at age 10. His father also played which inspired him as well. As he grew older he sharpened his guitar skills listening to "Carlos Santana" "Jimi Hendrix" "George Benson" "Al Mckay" and other guitar greats. his gospel influences as a teenager were "Andrae Crouch" "The Mighty Clouds Of Joy" "Rance Alleen" and "Edwin Hawkins". other musical influences were "Earth,Wind,& Fire" "The Commodors" " The Isley Brothers" and "The Jacksons"... at age 19, (1979) he formed the group " Garry Moore & New Joy " They recorded their first (45) single the following year (1980) on the H.S.E. Record label in Nashville Tennesse. 4 years later, he and the group recorded their first Album (1984) with a change in the personel and with a new name "FIRE POWER". The group "Fire Power" opened up for artist like the world renowned Grammy award winning group " The Mighty Clouds Of Joy". The group continued to do concerts and record in the studio during the 80's. in the early 90's the group "Fire Power" disbanded while in the midst of their 2nd studio album and the material was never released. In 1993 Garry answered his call to preach after running for 20 years trying to pursue a music career. 4 years later (1997) he founded and began Evangelistic Outreach Christian Center. Which the same year he also recorded and released his first solo cd album titled "You're Never Alone". He then followed up that project 4 years later in 2001 with a cd album titled "Yahweh" which rendered the number 1. radio Hit Single, "Come As You Are". Several songs from the cd received heavy rotation also on college stations. "Finally, after a long hiatus of 8 years from the music scene, " PARADISE" is released. The project was recorded from January to May of 2009. this album was the most difficult to record of all studio recordings. Plaqued by many obstacles and intense spiritual battles. The enemy ( Satan ) didnt want this cd to get out! Garry even entertained the thought of giving up on recording " Paradise". Every song was recorded with the intent to minister and help people get through the toughest of times. Garry is also the author of 2 books! "Designed To Make Me Stronger" and "Thirsty!". He has a radio broadcast ministry that can be heard in 7 states every sunday. His ultimate goal is to "Preach The Gospel" and make a profound impact in the world through the medium of music, radio, t.v., the innernet and ect, for The Kingdom Of God! ( By Any Means Necessary ) Garry and his wife Carmen, reside in Mt.Vernon, illinois. They have 3 adult children and 11 grand children. "PARADISE" is a must for the true worshiper and music lover. It is guaranteed to bless you for many years to come!