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Jo Reese, Marketing Rep
Karissa Queniahan, Artist Service Rep
Tate Music Group
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At 13, Brian Patterson found his first loveómusic. In early high school, Patterson started to hang out with the wrong people, partying, drinking, and rebelling. After starting a rock band with his new friends, Patterson constantly felt that something was missing. One Sunday after church, Patterson felt touched through the sermon, and wanted to go forward to confess his sins and give his life to the Lord, but his legs and head would not let him move, so he simply stood there crying and praying in regret. After church, T.D. Lunsford asked Patterson to follow him to his office, then asking him if he had ever asked Jesus Christ into his heart. Patterson answered negatively. Lunsford asked if he would like to right now, and Brian fell to his knees as Lunsford led him through the sinner's prayer and Jesus saved his soul that very moment. After high school, Patterson fell far away from God's presence, being tempted by drugs and alcohol. After joining another rock band, Patterson felt God's gentle but harsh tug on his heart. Patterson came back to Jesus, into His arms asking for forgiveness, and asking Him to use him in the way that He wants. From that moment on, Patterson knew he was meant to play music for his Savior Jesus Christ. And though Patterson still struggles, every time he feels the Devil pulling at him, he goes to Jesus and lets Him touch his heart and take control of his life.