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Jo Reese, Marketing Rep
Karissa Queniahan, Artist Service Rep
Tate Music Group
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On September 9th, 1976, TJ Lavera was born Anthony Vincent Lavera, Jr. (TJ stands for Tony Junior). TJ was raised in a strict Italian Catholic family. It wasn't until January of the year 2000, that TJ attended a service at a non-denominational, born again, Bible believing church, that he was radically saved and gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ. It was then that TJ began intense study of the Word of God and was ordained a Deacon, by Pastor Jo-Jina Mitchell, of Prophetic Ministries, In October of 2001, TJ served as worship leader for Pastor Jo-Jina for four years until she moved her congregation to Orlando, Florida. The burning fire and love for Jesus Christ that TJ has in his heart led him to began writing songs for the Lord in March of the year 2000. TJ started making demos. In March of 2008, after a few years of study, writing, and serving God, TJ released his first single called "Confidence." This caught the attention of two Christian labels. On At the age of 33, TJ signed his first recording contract with Tate Music Group, a division of Tate Publishing and Enterprises and his debut album, Water to Wine is slated for release in 2010.