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Jo Reese, Marketing Rep
Tate Music Group
cOnspiracy of Angels is an eclectic, experimental rock collective that strives toward a positive resolution. Words have power. We CREATE when we speak and call to bring into being the Perfect Moment. We TRANSCEND and BECOME a Superior and Beautiful Reality.

Since its inception in winter solstice 2007, cOA has steadily evolved. The current lineup coalesced and subsequently signed with Tate Music Group in 2009. cOA includes Grayson A.: guitars, mesas and music of spheres; Jessie A.:, voice of angels; illus. Michael Jordan A.:, bass and Foundation #9; Likas A.:, drums, balance and compassion. Since then, cOnspiracy of Angels has focused its heart, soul and energy in creating its debut album, "Transcendelia."

cOnspiracy of Angels seeks to have a positive effect in the temporal fabric surrounding It at all times. cOA is also a collective of like-minded Musicians, Artists and Individuals working together to create something uniquely beautiful, help each other out, and make Art their life. If you are interested in being part of, collaborating or coordinating opportunities, or wanting to know more, please contact us. The Esoteric Experiment in Music continues. . .