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"We are excited about the album that we have just finished. Don Johnson, Mike Turner and Guy Prier were absolutely fantastic to work with. We have been in some great studios from Atlanta to Nashville, and the quality of work from the musicians, the engineers and producers that are on staff at TMG rival any that we have ever worked with. They were very knowledgable, courteous and made the recording experience one of our best ever. We are proud of this effort, and when and if you have opportunity to hear it I believe you will say the same as well.
- Billy Walker

"First of all I would like to thank you for all that you and your company do for artists. It is truly a blessing for the doors you open, and I pray for an increase on your lives in Jesus name. Also just want to tell you I signed back in December with your company, and so far I have had awesome customer service AND communication feedback every time I reached out—very professional and very informative and caring of this project. I am proud to be part of this team and pray for the further success of this project."
- Glen Harris

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you, once again, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Tate Music Group as a recording artist! The music and recordings are fantastic. The cover and jacket design are awesome. I couldn't be more pleased than I am with my entire experience with Tate Music!
-Wayne Watson

"Words can't express the Spirit of God I felt when I played the tracks (from my producer). I love them all! Thank you so much for seeing my dream and our God vision. You put the perfect touch on those songs. I can't wait to tell the world how blessed I am to be a part of the Tate Music Group family! I cant wait for my next album! Thanks for everything!"
- David Gillespie

"Your team in the music department truly worked a miracle! I am truly pleased with our finished product! My producer worked miracles, being incredibly patient and using his expertise to produce a great finished product! My photographer was creative, professional yet fun and approachable. It was wonderful to work with her. My marketing rep has been nothing other than totally 'on-the-ball' every time I have had questions, comments or concerns. He is open, energetic and not only does he want what's the best for the artist he also has 'got the back' of Tate, too. These guys did a GREAT job and that they are truly doing amazing things for you, for your company, in your music department, and they should be commended on their time, attitude and committment to put out an amazing product for Tate."
- Polly Kubly

"I have had contracts with other indie labels before, but Tate is the only one who let me equally have a voice in everything concerning my music. We worked hand in hand to get the product ready for market. We are just now coming out of graphic design and will be heading into marketing in the next couple of weeks. At this point Tate Music Group will be my last label. I have been so pleased with them I can't see myself on any other label at this time. Tate Music Group is the only indie label I will ever be signed with. I highly recommend Tate Music Group but only if you want to have not only control of your copyrights but equal decisions concerning the final product. They are a great group of people to work with."
- Coy Castleberry

As you know there is a lot of noise out there regarding record labels. What I like about TMG is you have the backing and support of a record label combined with the independence to call your own shots. I have been with TMG since 2009. I have worked with a number of TMG professionals in various departments from concept to creation of product, promotional materials, media, press, radio, TV and on-going promotion. I am very happy with the level of support I receive from Tate. You will be too.
-Guy Franklin

"I absolutely LOVED my experience with TMG. I really feel like I am part of a great family now who have my best interests at heart. Thank you so much!"
- Joyce Hartrich

"I am so joyful about Tate Music Group. I just finish the production with Brandon and it was awesome. The staff at Tate Music are so professional. I felt as if I was in the house of the Lord. I felt like I went to Heaven. The staff is so excellent and I love the way Tate does business. I'm so happy I made this choice. Thanks Tate Music for being the best."
- Rahn Anthoni

"Our experience at Tate was fantastic! Everyone there was friendly and professional, and did a great job. We'd like to thank Tate Publishing and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for this great opportunity, and are looking forward to the release date."
- Jack Danny Band

"I enjoyed your relaxed professionalism. I felt at home and you came across as being genuine. I am pleased with the process and was very impressed with how large the organization is."
- Brian Angus

"Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first - even while traveling down here. After my first full day down here I have no doubt that I made the right decision in signing with TMG. I am honored and humbled to have this opportunity. Thanks again for thinking that it would be worth it to give me a shot at this."
- Chris Day

"The team at TMG is thinking outside the box at a time when outside the box thinking is needed. TMG's model will give each of their artists the best chance to succeed."
- Jeff Jordan from E1 Entertainment

"I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for allowing me to partner with Tate Music to make an impact on people's lives around the globe. I've been honored, blessed and privilege to be involved with ministry over 25 years. Tate has given me the opportunity to allow people around the world to hear my music and most importantly the ministry God has given me through music."
- Roger Cheeks

"I just received my music after backup vocalists had been added and everything being mixed. It is AMAZING! I am so impressed! The backup vocalists were phenomenal! I have been writing and singing since I was ten years old. To finally hear my music at such a professional level is just absolutely incredible! I don't know if anything will come of my music career, but I do know that with the help of Tate, I have an excellent chance of being listened to and noticed! Thank you so much for helping my dream come true!"
- Joyce Hartrich

"I wanted to write a few words and say to you how impressed I was with my producer Austin Harms along with Mr. Reynolds. I followed a dream to Oklahoma. Knowing that there are so many so talented in the world why did the Lord bless me with this great opportunity? I know this is just another day for many, and there are so many that have so much talent and also pain. I pray for them and their happiness along with yours. I have been around music all my life but when I heard Austin play the notes to my song "God's Meadow," it was like my child was being born. He did not know it, but I cried as he played the notes that were in my heart that I could only sing."
- Tony Earl Ledford

"The encouragement and professionalism we found was that of paramount proportion. Don Johnson and his team took my demo songs and turned them into first-class music, as good as any artist on the radio today. For me this was astonishing, to hear my songs coming out of the speakers with that much life. WOW!"
- David Parrish

"I just wanted to share our experience with you on our trip to Tate Music Group's recording studio. Man! What an awesome group of people at the studio and around the whole Tate campus. Everyone was very thoughtful, generous, kind, giving, etc. After the long drive from New Jersey, we were very tired and cranky to say the least. Once we walked into the doors of Tate Music Group, all of that stuff seemed to quickly fade away. The hospitality from the guys in the studio was very pleasing. The facilities in every aspect were comforting. Our producer made us feel at home in every process of every track that we laid down. His patience and experience in his musicianship really shined. We're very thankful to have been able to work side by side with him. This partnership is already proving to be a success. We're very excited to continue in finalizing this album. We pray that many people will receive the message that God has put on our hearts to reveal to the whole world. We hope that many will be saved through our music that you, TMG and we, Doorway320 have created. We pray that God will continue to bless the whole Tate family in their efforts to reveal His Love through music and through books. Thank you all again for believing in our music ministry."
- Gregg Super from DOORWAY320

"[Recently] my band was at your music studio to record our first CD. Upon arrival I met with Jameson Reynolds who introduced me to all of the staff and producers. Our producer was Jeff Lee who right away got us started tracking. We got drums and bass done on the first day, because Jeff did a lot of pre-planning before we got there. On the second day we did guitars. Jeff was kind enough to do several tracks for us and had some ideas we had not thought of. By the third day we were doing vocals and loop tracks to enhance the CD. Jeff went over and above for my band and in 4 days of tracking we have a CD that is air-play ready for any radio station. I also found out that your producers have played on CD's for some big names around the country but they are so humble you would never know. Next is our photo shoot and cover design. I cant wait to meet the rest of your staff. If I ever get the opportunity to come back to TMG to record I will jump on it."
- Larry Chumley

"Working with producer Jeff Lee was a like Heaven. He has a true sense of musicality and understands the soul behind what you write. He was so professional, yet at the same time he always made it seem as if he was just as excited as I was about the album. He had great ideas and allowed me to be incredibly involved while guiding the direction and format and also keeping us on schedule. I am so glad to have worked with him. Jeff taught me how to use my voice in a more professional way, and also stretched me in ways I was so pleased with when I heard the whole mix! Thanks so much."
- Halie Hanson

"Had the time of my life down there! It all worked out better than I could have hoped it would have. I got the product I wanted, and it all went extremely well. I'm excited, and I love what we got!"
- Al Lancellotti

"Being a music industry professional for over 20 years, it's refreshing that a label company like TMG comes along and sees the big picture and understands how to make it work."
- Michael Turner from NewDay Distribution

"We (Sonlit) made it! 2,500 CD's and counting! I will be honest, when we first signed with Tate we were a bit skeptical on how things would go, but the proof is in the numbers. Tate has produced a high quality product for us that has really taken off with our fans and helped us gain credibility with radio stations, venues and other media outlets around the region. We've done a lot of work as a band to get where we are, but we truly feel this project with Tate has given us an added boost to help us reach our musical goals. Thanks Allen F, Josh D, and Chris R, for your help and to God be the glory!"
- Jim from Sonlit Music

"I just wanted to let you know the entire process was handled in a professional, yet friendly and casual manner. I have been beyond impressed by each division as we made our way through the signing, recording, design and marketing processes. Every email I sent with concerns was immediately responded to and all questions were fully and competently answered in a way I could understand. Our producer (Austin) made the recording process relaxed and he kept us focused on our project rather than trying to invent new changes and eating into our studio time. He mixed the CD and then addressed our concerns and helped again to guide our sound to it's best quality. Design team (Cole) did a fantastic job on our album cover and I believe it is one of the best I have seen... he took my ideas and made them reality. He absolutely captured who we are and what we are about. Marketing phase is going on now and Ms. Kortney has carried on the TMG ideals of excellence. She has handled our CD project perfectly and has been ever helpful in orders and t-shirt sales and other promo material. Just wanted you to know what a fantastic job your team has done and I have been more than impressed with the level of talent you have assembled within your offices. Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given us to take the message of salvation to a lost generation with our music about forgiveness and grace. Many thanks and a heartfelt God bless you."
- Keith White from Glorious Disaster

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how amazingly pleased I am with TMG! The recording process went great and Josh has done an amazing job on my songs. I am so pumped, happy and excited for everything and for the next step! Thank you for all that you and TMG have done! YOU ALL ARE THE GREATEST!!!!"
- Ashley Windham

"I am one of the many artists who have come under your blanket of Faith. I am most grateful to have had this opportunity. The very talented staff who were assigned to my project were nothing short of professional, talented, directive and encouraging. I have loved this journey. From Brianne to Rachael to incredibly talented Steven and Leah, I am overwhelmed by gratitude. Thank you for believing, hoping and for the courage that it took to branch out. I am eternally grateful!"
- Momi Aldrich

"There are no guarantees in the music business; if you think you're going to sit back on your heels and wait for things to happen, you will fail."
- Chuck Tilley, Founding Director of Atlanta Fest and President of Tilley and Associates

"You are so amazing! Tate is Awesome! I am excited about the blessing of God and all he is doing for His people. All to honor Him! I think you are on top of it. Your response and deliverance is to me without blemish. The reason I say this is because you take on your artist and you make sure that "we" have all we need. You never leave me questioning, and if you feel that there is something to correct you take it at full throttle and correct it. Thank you, I am having a blast working with you. I can not wait to see this in full cycle and us working in future endeavours."
- Schantel Thomas

"As an artist, it's amazing that a record label in today's music scene is still putting their money where their mouth is."
- Jeff Chandler

"Things are going great for us! We are on our way to sell through our 2500 CD's very quickly. We have several CD signings and our myspace just broke 800,000 plays. We are so busy at the moment that it is hard to keep up. We are currently booking a summer tour that is really going to be great. Our time with TMG has even given us extended exposure with other branches of the industry and a new buzz has been created about what we do. Christian artists and labels alike are taking notice to this little band in Indiana. We are praying to be a great success story for the TMG family.
- The Gideon Press

"You were the one that God sent to hear my music, and get me signed to a label that backs me to the utmost, and I truly believe in you guys. I have been presented with contracts when people wanted power of attorney and outrageous percentages, but you guys are different and great things are ahead for me and Tate Music Group. You guys are professional, hold my best interest, and with Tate I believe I will succeed."
- Trent Davis

"With today's ever shrinking music scene and disappearing labels, I am so proud to be part of a company that is growing and doing things right. After being signed to two secular labels, I have found out that a record company can care and can be trusted. The first time in years I feel like a "kid in a candy store" with endless possibilities. I have seen firsthand how TMG works and cares for its artists! So if you are thinking about that next step in your career, I know TMG is the right way to go."
- Dave Hershey

"Just wanted everyone at Tate to know that all of the work you have been doing is paying off. Since the combination of our two teams, things have really taken off for me and this project. Tate took the time to give my music a listen and since signing I've received several media highlights and radio charting success. I look forward to a long relationship, but just wanted to take the time and thank you for picking me up along this journey. I am working on a new CD and can not wait to start the process over again."
- John Pagliano

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