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Year 5 for Voices of Glory

Voices of Glory found early fame with America’s Got Talent and signed on with Tate Music Group in 2011, and now they are celebrating their fifth season at The Hughes …
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Over 2.5 million subscribers for Tiffany Alvord

After her debut album with Tate Music Group, Tiffany Alvord continues to be a reckoning force with original music and her popular cover videos on YouTube. Check out her first …
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The Orchard is purchased by Sony Music

Tate Music Group works with The Orchard for national and global distribution of their artists’ albums and music videos.  The Orchard, now owned by Sony Music, leads in independent digital …
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New Music Releases from Tate Music Group

Check out the newsroom for the latest albums released by TMG.

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"Hey, did you get a chance to hear the mixed final version of Sold Out? It came out AWESOME!!! It's such a great album! I'm so happy with it. Would totally go out there for future albums - I'm really happy with the quality, and Josh was great to work with (as well as Robby and Shawn with the video). Thank you again for your huge part as well in making this album a success. It's a powerful album, and I'm really looking forward to getting out there and selling a "boat load"! LOL!

- Dawn

"In conclusion: I was surprised when you told me that you played all the instruments. I am very impressed! Your guitar leads are great. I love the swells and small background enhancing effects you have used throughout the album. Different keyboards, dirty and clean notes in the guitar. Your vocal coaching and suggestions while we worked together to the record in the studio were also a big bonus.

Thank you so much for producing my CD. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I will recommend the Tate Music Group at every oppurtunity when people ask about how this cd came to be."

- Tom Lovato

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